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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Word Seek

Q: How do I get past the instructions screen and start playing a game?
A: Just as you would unlock any Apple device, swipe across the four tiles at the bottom from left to right, which spells out the word "PLAY".

Q: How do I select a word during a game?
A: You must select at least three adjacent/diagonal letters which spell out a real word. You may either:
1. Highlight the word with one sweeping motion and then release your finger to select
2. Tap each tile separately then double-tap the last letter to finish the word.
Also, you may not use the same tile twice in one word.

Q: I can't find all the possible words! Why is this game so hard?
A: We've purposely designed each board to contain as many words as possible. Most people only find 10-15% of the total, which is perfectly fine. The goal is to beat old scores — not to find all the words.

Q: I don't understand the challenges. How do they work?
A: Unlike regular gameplay, the challenges contain fixed boards, which can be played over and over. Each challenge features words from a hidden common tongue twister, which you may try to guess from the picture and the hint at the end. For instance, the first one is a picture of a seashell and the hint is "She sells sea shells..." Hmm...

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