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Word Seek HD (for iPhone and iPad)

Link to Word Seek HD on the iTunes App Store

The challenge:

Looking to sharpen your mind, expand your vocabulary, and challenge yourself? Word Seek is an interactive, innovative, and astonishingly addictive take on a classic word finding game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. With stunning graphics and easy gameplay, you'll have hours of nonstop fun!

Word Seek HD Free (for iPhone and iPad)

Link to Word Seek HD Free on the iTunes App Store

Incredible features:

  • Play our 4x4 or 5x5 grids -- drag or tap to find a word
  • Beat the challenges with hidden tongue twisters
  • Earn as many stars as you can
  • Collect badges and keep track of your top scores
  • Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter
  • Compete with others on Gamecenter leaderboards
  • Word Seek HD (for Android)

    Link to Word Seek HD on the Google Play Store

    Download now!

    No matter how you look at it, Word Seek HD is just lots of addictive fun. There’s no downside to this app, whether you’re a veteran word puzzler or a beginner. You’ll expand your vocabulary and join the world of avid word find fans.

    5 Star Reviews

    "I was already enjoying this game, but the update raised it from very good to *great*. The new untamed mode lets us work to get all possible words and is great for team play. An excellent and addictive word game from talented and responsive developers."

    "Great brain food. Really a challenge that will keep you interested in improving yourself."


    "Ok...a friend turned me onto this game today...and...I can't put it down. To hell with World of Warcraft...this game is not only edifying but also addictive. I guess having an addiction to building upon my vernacular is not such a bad thing."

    "Amazing how many words you can potentially make. Challenging and fun."


    "Beats all word games. Seriously. This is the first review I've felt compelled to write thus far... It has, in fact, exceeded my expectations. Definitely worth the $. At risk of sounding like an absolute nerd, I have found this game to be both challenging and satisfying... and plain old fun! Move over Scrabble."

    About Idealix

    We're a San Francisco based start-up and our mission at Idealix is simple: to make fun and addicting games for the iPhone and iPad that our users love to play! Want to join us? We're always looking for talent!

    Have more burning questions? Get to know us better here or check the FAQ regarding Word Seek issues.

    What People Are Saying

    "Love love love this game! You can play for hours and also learn new words. Have to keep coming back to see if I can get more words and better my personal score. Don't miss it!"

    "Addictive game with good features — better designed than other word seek games I've tried."

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