Word Seek HD

Looking to stretch your brain, test your vocabulary, and take on special challenges with hidden tongue twisters? Idealix Inc. presents you the popular word search game — with a special twist.

Just starting out? Practice with a 4x4 board, then up your game to a 5x5 for extra words! If you think you have what it takes to be a pro wordseeker, see how many stars and badges you can achieve and collect over time!

Link to Word Seek HD on the iTunes App Store


"At first, I thought eh, just another twist on the old word seek game — but I've been playing for almost 15 minutes now... Awesome game, great interface, addicting gameplay, challenging — all in all a great app!"

"This is an innovative word game. I thought it was like boggle, but it is much more fun and more challenging too. Neat way to incorporate the iPad touch interface!"

A large iPad whose screenshot is the Word Seek home screen